Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beaded Button Fun!

September means a week at Padre with my family to walk the beach and celebrate Janet's birthday.

And, getting the girls together means its time for a 'craft project'. This year, I brought beads and stuff to try and make beaded buttons. I've seen pictures of some, and read up on tips to making them easier . . . and got some hints from my friend Melodie who took a class. I gathered together a few vials of mixed beads, a few squares of fabric, some covered button kits and a small hoop. Did I remember thread? Of course not! Thank goodness HEB had a little thread kit for not much money!

Before you get started, let me tell you - beaded buttons are addicting to make!

Here is my first one:

In looking at it, I wanted more texture. So, tried using different sizes of beads.

Then, I wanted to try one color - would a monocromtic button be better?

How about one big bead, and lots of colors?

What if I tried almost like a flower in the center?

My sisters decided I was having too much fun by myself. Here is Ginny's button - a terrific spiral . . .

Bobbie's first button used some bigger beads, and more monochromatic

And, her second button is full of color . . .

We had a wonderful week together, and a fun time making the beaded buttons - now what to do with them all?


  1. Thanks for sharing, the buttons are great!!!

  2. I have to tell you how grateful I am for your blog and especially the pictures you have on you beaded buttons, I googled beaded buttons and your images came up - I have now made my own inspired by yours,

    thank you x.

  3. "One big button, lots of colors" is beautiful, looks like a perennial garden in bloom, surrounding a few character rocks and bumping up against a bit of lawn. I like the texture and of course, all the colors.