Saturday, October 24, 2009

Recent work

After making the quilt for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, I've had requests to see some of my other quilts in this series.
Dancing in the Rain
This quilt has the quote "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain" embroidered on the borders. A whimsical woman dancing in the flowers in a rainstorm. Fusible applique, bead embellishments.

Flower Garden
A whimsical and happy spring flower garden, complete with a little bee in the upper left hand corner!
Fused applique, bead embellishments.

Fractured Flowers
Flowers were made, then sliced and put back together to make this piece.
Fused applique, bead embellishments.

Flowers for Me I & II
These quilts were made together, with complementary color schemes. A nice bouquet of flowers that always look happy and whimsical, for when you need a little 'pick me up'!

Red Flowers
This small quilt was made specifically for an auction, using only red fabrics for the flowers.

Peter's Flowers
A friend of mine is a greeting card artist, and one of his cards inspired this quilt. Check out Peter's cards on Etsy  - they are amazing!

The Neighborhood
This is the second of my quilts with houses on it - the first was made and donated to an auction, and I didn't take a picture of it.

House 1 and House 2
These quilts are just about trying new techniques. On House 1, I tried layering sheers with matte medium and on House 2 I layered sheers by sewing. Interesting techniques to play with, you'll see them more as embellishments in the future.

August Anemones
Trying more techniques . . .this one the flowers are actual images of flowers in my garden, printed on both cotten and silk chiffon. Then, embellished with thread and beads.


  1. Amazing art!! I love Peter's Flowers!! I miss you!
    Love Jen

  2. Love your flower garden and cute houses! I could make little houses all day LOL, huggs,Pamela