Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rainy Day

What a perfect day to make this post, as it is really a rainy day in Tacoma. Winter has certainly arrived - can't remember the last sunny day we had! This is my first quilt using the 'Creative Catalysts'.

Here is a close-up of some of the beading  . . .

It was a fun day when I initially worked on this quilt, as several of my quilting buddies were over for a 'play day'.  Here is how the piece evolved:

1. Here is my start, sewed together a 'scrap' batik that I got after admiring it from my friend Debi, and a piece of Judy Robertson's hand-dyed fabric. If you aren't a member of her 'yard of the month club', you should . . . her fabrics are amazing!

2. The first thing I drew was "Use something from the bathroom - either on the piece or to mark the piece". I found a toilet paper tube, and used it to stamp circles on the beige hand dye piece.

3. "Add something shiny". I knew I had a rubber stamp with the same pattern of the batik, so I stamped with gold ink to unify the background.

4. "Cut in two pieces". I decided to cut the dark batik in half, and add it to the other side of the piece.

5. "Add something ugly". Okay, so last winter and spring, I made houses . . too many houses . . . I had plans for them, but really didn't like them. Some have ended up on other quilts, the others were just hanging around my design wall. This house seemed to go with the background that was evolving.

6. "Add a different type of fabric (silk, velvet, cheesecloth, chiffon, tulle, etc.). I wanted to add some interest and texture behind the house, and this sheer in my collection called to me to add behind the house, sort of like a fence. The shiny gold helps add some light and interest.

7. "Add a texture". Well, I cheated - I had already put beads on the house, and knew that I would be added more as I finished the piece, so consider beads the texture!

8. "Add a strong vertical line". The obvious is to add a tall tree . .

10. "Blindfold and grab a fabric from your scrap bag". Since most of this will be fused before being sewn and quilted, I pulled out my 'already fused scraps' tub. Trust me, there are lots of colors that wouldn't have worked well on this quilt. I was lucky to pull this piece! Perfect for making some flowers for the yard.

11. "Cover something up." This was easy, the flowers will cover part of the house and tree, and I added some green stems and 'fern-type' shapes to cover up some other areas.

To me, it was done . . . except for stitching, beading, quilting and finishing. So, I did not draw another 'Creative Catalyst'. This was fun, as I wasn't sure what I would draw and what idea I would have next! My goal was one a month . . hmmm . .. it has taken me two months to finish the first one. I will do more of these. Even though the finished product was similar to my current style, it did have to think. I generally don't embellish my fabrics with stamping, and I think that really enhanced the piece, unifying the two background pieces.

I quilted it with two threads, a sliver and a shiny thread I picked up somewhere, in a straight diagonal line to simulate rain. I named this Rainy Day because the background reminded me of the skies on a rainy day, but you can still see the beautiful colors of the flowers.


  1. This is so pretty and creative Lynn! I love it! Reminds me of Seattle. :)

  2. What a fun challenge! You responded well to each step. I like the total effect.

  3. Love your challenge..What fun. All your pieces are so creative..But really interested in the Creative Catalyst. Happy to know you better from Postmarkd'art. vivian

  4. Lynn,

    I like this idea. I may try it myself.

    Katy Gollahon