Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's your inspiration? The fire in your belly?

Yesterday Elin Noble was the guest speaker at the Contemporary Quiltart Association meeting. She was as lovely as her gorgeous textiles!

What is her primiary source of inspiration? Her mother and her upbringing living around the world. It made me think, what is my inspiration? I think my inspirations change - seeing new techniques, new insights into different art, but underlying it all is the creative environment I grew up in. My mother was always creating - sewing garments, knitting, crocheting, floral arrangements, and anything else she could find to keep her hands and mind busy! Similar to Elin, I was raised overseas - with interesting cultures and colors.

I enjoyed her sharing that when she looks at a piece, she asks herself 'what part of this puts fire in my belly'? This is something I need to do more often. What is it that makes me passionate to continue? What is 'ho-hum'? And quit trying to make pieces 'work' that don't give me that fire in my belly. When I'm working on a piece that gives me that fire, I am inspired, work on it every day without having to push myself. I need to give myself permission to let the other pieces 'go' and spend the small amount of time I have on my art, with the ones that put fire in my belly.

What gives me the fire in my belly? When I work with great, bright, cheerful colors . . . adding a bit of glitz and texture with beads, threads, yarns and other embellishments.

Today, it is time to put away those pieces I've been trying to 'get to work' and work on something that puts fire in my belly!